Colloid Society

The Colloid Society is one of the oldest scientific societies in Germany. Founded 1922 in Leipzig, the Colloid Society first developed as a specialized branch of Physical Chemistry. Due to the rapid progress of industrial applications, colloid science soon became an independent field of research. Nowadays, several hundred scientists from different disciplines such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Materials Science, Environmental Science, Pharmacy and Food Technology are members of our society. Various congresses, workshops and symposia are organized regularly to stimulate the exchange of ideas and to improve national and international collaborations. All these activities will be of particular interest for researchers working in the field of soft-matter sciences, material science, biophysics, nanotechnology, surfactant sciences, polymer sciences, environmental sciences and industrial formulations.

The main meeting of the Colloid Society takes place in two-year intervals in autumn (usually end of September) at different congress venues. These events are organized to improve our understanding of the synthesis, structure and properties of complex colloidal systems. The conference typically has a focus on a specific subject, but lectures and posters are covering the whole area of colloid and surface science. Therefore, the national meeting gives a good overview over current research activities in Germany. The aim of this meeting is to bring together scientists from different communities, to exchange their view on colloidal problems and to stimulate further interdisciplinary research. Depending on the actual topics, this congress may have national or international character.

In contrast to these national meetings, Ostwald Colloquia are more specialized workshops that are organized to present and discuss certain topics. This might be nanoparticles, foams, emulsions, microemulsions, suspensions, gels, surfactants, polymers, microcapsules, smart materials, ultra-thin films (membranes) or environmental aspects and applications. Ostwald Colloquia are organized at various times at different congress venues. According to the general title, this symposium may have national or international character.

The Zsigmondy Colloquia of the Colloid Society (formerly "Nachwuchstage", Young Scientists meeting) are especially reserved for young scientists, who are currently working in the field of colloid and interface science. Two-day workshops are organized to improve contacts between different research groups. Contributions to the meeting are generally accepted as oral or poster presentations. The Zsigmondy Colloquia provide an interesting platform for exchanging innovative ideas between university and industry. Lectures and poster sessions include the entire spectrum of current research activities. Zsigmondy Colloquia are regularly organized in annual intervals February to April at different conference venues.